About Us

Pilatin Law and Consultancy


Pilatin Law & Consultancy, was founded following the merger of two well established and highly respected legal consultancy firms in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. Noticing the vast potential offered by the commercial relations with neighboring countries, the Firm has focused on a strong international imprint since its inception.  

From Pilatin to the World;

Today Pilatin is serving a diverse national and international client base with an experienced and competant team of over 15 professionals and compliance personnel and as well as exterior contribution of experts who possess distinguished qualifications.  Pilatin Law Firm also collaborates with well-known and respected private legal consultants, chosen on a case-by-case basis. Pilatin represents a broad array of clients, including domestic companies and international investors in Turkey, the Middle East, Gulf Countries, European Union and the United States. Pilatin closely follows legal and financial developments, both on the national and international scale, to ensure the best legal services and that its services are of the highest quality, working together with law offices and professional organizations around the world.            

Pilatin has differentiated itself from other national law firms by the proven ability to render a full range of case resolution success and advisory services for work in business establishment, administrative applications and approvals. Furthermore, since the best legal representation requires thinking strategically to foresee what may surface in the future, Pilatin focuses not only on solving existing problems but on preventing potential problems before they arise. Pilatin offers clients the advantage of one law firm with the depth of resources, capabilities and experience to support their day to day business needs and long term strategies both in İstanbul and Ankara offices. Pilatin easily provides market entry and business support services to its clients who seek to establish a presence in the Turkish market. It also gives advisory services and assistance in; market research, target identification, commercial and financial due diligence, business registration and regulatory compliance services.