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Legal Services

Legal Services
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Pilatin Law & Consultancy provides clients with access to the Firm’s full spectrum of capabilities in virtually every area of Business Law, Administrative Law, Litigation, Foreigners and Citizenship Law. Multidisiplinary team of professionals and a large network of external advisors specializing in different industries and regulatory fields.  
Our Practice Areas are;

Legal and Consultancy Services,
Litigation and Arbitration,
Corporate and Commercial Law,
Industrial Zone,
Mergers and Acquisitions,
International Transactions,
Establishing Commercial Companies,
Debt Claims,
Insurance Claims,
Commercial Arbitration,
Dispute Resolution, 
Corporate contracts and Contractual Law,
Mergers and Acquisitions,
Construction, Engineering and Real Estate,
Energy and Infrastructure,
International Law,
Foreigners & Citizenship Law & Applications,
Visa, Residency & Working Permit Applications,
Deportation Cases,
Administrative & Tax Law,
Claims of Inheritance,
Injury, Accidents and Compensation,
Labor Law,
Criminal Law,

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